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Crown Fence ( is a fencing company in Statesville, NC. Their website provides a good example of internal photo galleries for showing their handiwork. Additionally I've setup an Instagram feed so that as they can post pictures to Instagram as they complete day to day fencing projects and those photos instantly show up on their homepage. This helps keep a site from looking stale and promotes return visitors.

No*Gas Wheels ( is a custom bicycle wheel shop run by Calvin Stiles in rural Gaston County, NC. For the No*Gas website the main idea was a highly visual website which happens to be my favorite type to design. I often tell people less is more and we were able to make Calvin's site a simple yet effective one page site where prior it was 5+ pages. Another great example of using Instagram so the customer can post fresh photos to their website without needing any additional assistance from me.

Ride-A-Bike ( is an awesome bicycle shop located in downtown Gastonia, NC. The shop owner, Brantley wanted a clean design with a white theme. Sometimes clients feel a site has to have some vibrant design to really pop...but that's just not the case. Ride-A-Bike's site is a fine example. Informational, straight to the point, no crazy design that takes your eyes away from their content. Nothing wrong with wearing a plain white T from time to time!

Ride-A-Used-Bike ( is an extension of the Ride-A-Bike Bicycle Shop. The shop also sells used bicycles and we decided the used bike business needed its own domain and website. We brought the clean white design to this site as well so the two would match. The big thing the used bike website has is an eCommerce system for selling the used bicycles online. So if you are interested in having a website with online sale be sure to check out what I've done on the Ride-A-Used-Bike and we can do the same for whatever it is you wish to sell on your website. I have experience with several different eCommerce frameworks.

bikePASA ( is a not-for-profit mountain bike club in Gaston County, NC. For the Piedmont Area Singletrack Alliance we needed to use a CMS (content management system) web application so users could register on the site and have their own user accounts/logins. Additionally content providers can post articles to the website without any web design knowledge. There are lots of other interesting modules on this site as well like user forums, a shout-box, Paypal online payment, a club calendar, and a private message system. If you are wanting to build an interactive community website I've got that down! I also made the bikePASA logo and banner.

Custom Guitar Tabs ( is an online music transcription business based out of Cramerton, NC. The big thing with a site like this is for all the proper information to be available for the customer so questions are answered by the website since there is no storefront to come to. If customers are confused they will move on to the next site. This is a good example of where the client really needs to work to get me all the info that needs to be on the website...I won't know your content. The business owner, Dave did a great job of this and through several website iterations we've created a very informative website for this successful 100% online business! The site still looks great also even though it is quite dated. We plan on doing a total redesign in the near future.

Dave's Guitar School ( is an instruction guitar and bass school in Lake Wylie, SC. This is another one of my websites that is slated for redesign. 

Tammy Taylor Interiors ( is an interior design company in Cramerton, NC. This website is about 10 years old now and a good example of the need to do a redesign from time to time. I will be doing that for this site in the next few months. The good thing about a redesign is that I will already have a relationship with you and know what you like and want. It provides a great opportunity for us to not only make technological improvements on my end but content updates on your end. 

Strata Services ( based out of Defiance, MO is a specialist in consultation, evaluation, and remediation of leakage problems related to lakes, reservoirs, lagoons, dams, spillways and outflow structures. This is my oldest website, that is still up and running anyhow so I wanted to include it just for that reason even though it's not that much to look at now. I would love to redesign this one but the business owner has entered retirement so I imagine the next update will be me taking it down.

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." 
— Mark Twain